Christopher Schach

Corporate Development | Authorised signatory

Matthias Wilke

Head of Sales | Authorised signatory

Philipp Kramer

Project Management

Jonathan Bolm

Project Management

Max Weiser

Project Management

Michael Schüller

Pre-Sales Management

Birgit Schmidt

Pre-Sales Management

Deborah Brandt

Team Leader Customer Service

Karina Hebner

Customer Service

Anuschka Weiser

Head of Human Resources

Annkathrin Grube

Head of Marketing – on parental leave

Lara Heuerding

Head of Quality

Fabian Saft

Head of Logistics

Bastian Wichmann

Head of Production

Linus Schnack

Head of Technology

Derya Alkan

Team Leader Purchasing

Daniel Deiters

Team Leader Warehouse

Manuel Prinz

Management Representative | Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety


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