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Hybrid manufacturing

1. Corona pretreatment of the surface
The special pretreatment is designed to make a printing on a siliconised surface possible by roughening. With this technology it is furthermore possible to prepare materials optimally for bonding.

2. Coating/layer laminating
In the next step, the foundation for an individual product according to your requirements is laid: material combination, liner change - everything is possible, just as requested.

3./4. Lasing and die-cutting
However, the most important specialty follows: the combination of rotary lasing and die-cutting. As necessary, the machine is able to laser most sophisticated parts and carry out die-cutting directly afterwards.

5. Inline printing
If necessary, printing on the backside of the substrate liner is possible before the last step of part testing.

6. Inspection by camera  – tube scan
The installed tube scan is an inspection system which is used for a 100% monitoring of the punching/laser results. It documents produced quantities and identifies flaws as well as contour deviations - even on reflecting materials as for example metal foils.

The use of our hybrid machine offers highest process precision and a finished product "on the roll" which is optimally prepared for an industrial further processing.

General data: max. roll width: 250 mm | max. material thickness: 3.2 mm

Further processes

  • Hybrid manufacturing
    INNO TAPE own construction: the hybrid.
  • Hybrid manufacturing
    The hybrid manufacturing combines two processes: rotary lasing and die-cutting.
  • Hybrid manufacturing
    Given also in this case: highest process precision.
  • Hybrid manufacturing
    6 Steps of hybrid manufacturing: 1. Corona pretreatment of the surface 2. Coating/layer laminating 3. Lasing 4. Die-cutting 5. Inline printing 6. Inspection by camera – tube scan