INNO TAPE Examples of our Work

Bonding an aerofin

The aerofin is bonded over five webs. To avoid setting five individual moulded parts for bonding, they are placed together on a continuous liner so that they can be exposed and applied in a single process. Gripping flaps on both sides are created by protruding liners. Additional laser slots and lasered optical features serve as positioning aids. In total, the joining process could be reduced from approx. 60 to 15 seconds. The applied spacer pad ensures that the aerofin does not rattle later and that it closes tightly during manual joining, even if the pressure varies. The tear-resistant liner can be easily removed AFTER assembly. Alternatively, the product can also be equipped with a one-sided adhesive foam so that the liner is not necessary. An additional protective film ensures that the outer shell is not damaged during assembly and transport. 

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