Removable fastenings

Removable fastenings

3M Dual Lock is a self-adhesive, removable fastening system. It consists of small black or transparent polyolefin hemispherical heads on a short trunk, which when pressed together form a strong but detachable connection. These heads are arranged in a straight or wavy pattern, depending on the design.

On the other side there is either a synthetic rubber or acrylic adhesive. The synthetic rubber adhesive has a high immediate adhesion as well as good adhesive strength on low energy surfaces such as PP, PE and powder-coated materials. The acrylic adhesive, on the other hand, has a high shear strength even at higher temperatures and rough surfaces. It has an excellent final adhesive strength as well as high resistance to ageing, UV, chemicals and softeners.


The Dual Lock types differ in the arrangement and number of heads. They can be freely combined with each other and are suitable for different purposes depending on the combination. The heads glide over each other until they are anchored together by pressure.  They can be connected straight, crossed, staggered or overlapped. The joints can withstand a lot and even with continuous shaking movements they hold together firmly. Due to their thickness, they are often used to compensate for tolerances in addition to the pure connection.

The special feature

Their biggest advantage, however, is that they allow for detachable connections while remaining invisible. This is particularly important for components, claddings or covers that need to be detached and reattached quickly and easily for replacement during installation, maintenance or repair. The Dual Lock can be mounted with the help of the adhesive tape on the back and is therefore not visible from the outside, unlike screws or rivets. The application thus allows enormous freedom of design, saves weight and speeds up the process. It is therefore often used in the automotive industry, the furniture industry, mechanical engineering or even in the advertising material and decoration sector.

Dual Lock fastening systems are available in three different mushroom head densities:

DL 400 (400 heads/ inch² ; 62 heads/ cm²)
DL 250 (250 heads/ inch² ; 39 heads/ cm²)
DL 170 (170 heads/ inch² ; 26 heads/ cm²)