Double-sided adhesive tape

Double-sided adhesive tape

Double-sided adhesive tape is versatile. Depending on the adhesive, it bonds a wide variety of materials together and is increasingly replacing screwed connections or mechanical fixings. By using double-sided adhesive tape as a joining solution, weight can be saved, unevenness and tensions can be compensated and the invisible connection gives you scope for design. There are many possible combinations, so that the right combination of adhesives and carrier materials can be found for every application.

Foil carriers (PET, PP, PVC)

Double-sided adhesive tapes with film backing are well suited for bonding many high and low energy surfaces. They have a high tensile strength, are very UV and temperature resistant and have a high shear strength.

Paper fleece carrier

Double-sided adhesive tape with paper fleece backing is suitable for bonding many high and low energy surfaces. Due to its good adaptability, it can be used on slightly rough surfaces and is characterized by high immediate adhesion. In addition, it is very easy to tear by hand and is therefore easy to process.

Fabric carrier

With double-sided adhesive tape with fabric carrier, many different materials such as plastic, metal, cardboard, paper or carpet can be attached. It has excellent adhesion, is also suitable for rough and structured surfaces, can be torn easily by hand and has a high tensile strength.

Transfer Tape

Transfer Tape has high UV resistance, flexibility and adaptability and has excellent adhesion to metals and other high-energy substrates. Since transfer tapes have no backing, they are very flexible, elastic and adapt well.

Foam carrier

Foam carriers are somewhat thicker and thus compensate for tensions and gap tolerances as well as different surfaces. At the same time they absorb shocks and noise and seal. They are used for permanent installation.

Acrylic Foam - Automotive and industrial applications

Acrylic Foams are double-sided high-performance adhesive tapes. They offer high adaptability, can reduce tension and are resistant to temperature, weather, UV and solvents. The difference to double-sided adhesive tapes with foam backing is that here, not one adhesive layer is applied to each foam, but the tape itself is made of 100% acrylic adhesive. This allows it to penetrate deep into the surface of the material and enables even more stable connections. Acrylic foams are the solution when it comes to durable and stable bonds, especially in the automotive and industrial sectors.