We work for branches with highest quality requirements. Especially in the automotive industry the quality management plays a central role – a certified quality management system according to IATF 16949 criterias is a matter of course. We continuously improve our process stability by investing in new machines and technologies. Our quality management is completed by quality controls with complex testing and measuring technology to ensure an efficient, precise and safe poduction. Our focus is always the customer satisfaction.   

Quality controls

All of our products, machines and processes are subject to continuous quality controls before during and after completion of each project to guarantee our high process quality. These controls are carried out visually as well as by inline quality assurance systems.

We make a difference between machine controls (e.g. by camera monitoring or test machines specifically produced for this purpose) and the inspections performed by our expert personnel. We carry out inspections on parts according to specifications and pre-controls of products for their suitability. If necessary, we also produce individual test templates. Thereby we are able to identify sources of error at an early stage and to react quickly.

  • CAQ-System
    The CAQ-System is used for analysing, documenting and archiving all quality-relevant information. So risks are reduced to a minimum. In our CAQ-system we integrate incoming goods inspection, supplier evaluation, pre production tests, inspection during production, goods leaving inspection response management, complaint and test equipment management, first-sample tests and quality planning.
  • 2D-measurement with FlatScope
    Our FlatScope enables contactless 2D-measurements of ruled geometries and mould contours. The exact measurement optimises and stabilizes our processes. The FlatScope offers highets precision and optimal adaptation to individual measuring tasks.
  • ZwickRoell
    With our Zwick we do peel adhesion tests on a variety of substrates as well as separating force tests (liner-release-tests). The Zwick enables tests in an angle of 90° and 180°.
  • Inline camera inspection
    When required, we implement order-specific camera inspections. We already integrated a camera that checks the parts in contour and for particles during the production process.

Realisation of the customer requirements

Our focus is the customer satisfaction. The basis for our actions is the zero-defect objective. We gear all our processes to the requirements of the customer.

Our air-conditioned production offers the best prerequisites for an optimal processing. We invest in newest technologies and machines to inprove our process stability as well as our processing times continuously. These include inline camera surveillance, 2D CNC measuring machines and material-testing machines.

The results of our measurements and tests are sent to our CAQ-system – this leads to an efficient, precise and stable production.

Environmental awareness

All products and solutions of INNOT TAPE GmbH are from safe, efficient and environmentally sound production and manufacturing processes. We put much emphasis on a considerate energy and raw material consumption, the reduction of wastes and contamination, the economical and considerate use of resources and the largest possible reduction of CO2 emissions.  Thereby we assume the responsibility for future generations and are committed to a sustainable economical, ecological and social development.

»We are committed for sustainable economic, ecologic and social development in all relevant areas!«

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Manuel Prinz

Manuel Prinz

Management Representative | Quality, Environment, Work Safety Fon +49 5181.80687-131
Lara Heuerding

Lara Heuerding

Head of Quality Management Fon +49 5181.80687-143