Renewable Energies

Renewable Energy

Wind farms and photovoltaic systems are the energy generation of the future. But in both areas, the wind industry and the solar industry, the devices are exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Whether temperatures, UV light, salt water, dirt, wind or rain. They therefore require resistant materials so that all components are protected.

Wind turbines

Rotor blades are exposed to high loads. To prevent damage or even loss of performance, we offer you a solution with the use of adhesive tape and protective films, which is not only simple, but above all uncomplicated and quick to handle. The production of rotor blades is very time-consuming. Save the drying time of liquid glue and still remain more flexible than with screws or welding.



  • Surface protection – temporary or permanent
  • Erosion protection of the leading edge blades
  • Masking tapes for masking curved and uneven surfaces during painting
  • Permanent attachment of components, e.g. air distributor
  • Rotor blade production: covering of surfaces during resin infusion, bonding of plastic resin infusion profiles
  • Thermal management
  • Insulation venting of electrical components

Solar systems

Solar and photovoltaic technology is exposed to high temperatures, UV light and humidity, which is no problem for the right tape. It withstands all these conditions and at the same time ensures stable connections. It is more resistant than screws, clips or welds, equalises tension and also saves weight.



  • Bonding of solar module frames, stiffening profiles and junction boxes
  • Edge protection on solar modules
  • Cable fixation
  • Temporary hole cover
  • Bonding and insulation of busbars
  • Cell positioning and fixation

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