Railway and aerospace

Railway and aerospace

Adhesive tapes are suitable for numerous requirements in the railway and aerospace industries – from fastenings and surface protection, through cable management to anti-slip systems. For example, adhesive tapes are used especially for indoor applications and in closed rooms. They have fewer emissions, which means less formaldehyde is released-less odour is produced. In addition, fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC) are produced.

Railway and rail transport

The use of adhesive tape in railway and rail transport offers an efficient alternative to mechanical fastening options. Its flexibility makes it versatile, so that the adhesive tape can be used in surface and insulation protection, cable fixings, noise and vibration protection and many other areas. The self-adhesive materials therefore not only reduce your production times, but also serve as sustainable solutions for your production process.



For bonding in the aerospace industry, high-performance adhesive tapes are used that are highly weather-resistant. They can withstand high or low temperatures, UV radiation or even vibrations and ensure that the manufacturing and assembly process is shortened. They are much more resistant than mechanical fastening options such as screws or rivets and also save weight. We will assist you in selecting the appropriate material and find a tailor-made self-adhesive solution that meets your specific requirements.



  • Floor covering attachment
  • Labels
  • Anti-slip adhesive tape
  • Surface protection
  • Paint masking tapes/formed parts
  • Cable Management
  • constructive adhesive
  • Noise and vibration damping
  • Insulation protection
  • Profile Bonding

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