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Military Technology

Self-adhesive materials used in the military sector have to withstand a lot and meet safety requirements. A big advantage is the low weight but still strong hold. However, properties such as low outgassing, flame resistance, self-extinguishing and impact resistance also speak for the use of adhesive tape in the production process.

Mounting and damping under the toughest conditions 

Many self-adhesive materials are extremely robust, so that they guarantee a secure hold even under the most difficult conditions. Depending on their composition, they also effectively absorb shocks and thus protect displays, laptops, test devices or batteries. Self-adhesive materials are also used in protective equipment or clothing, for example by holding padding or protectors in place. The right material can be found for every application.

EMC, thermal management and insulation in electronics

As technology becomes smaller and smaller, interference between electromagnetic radiation (EMI) and radio frequency radiation (RFI) can occur. With the right self-adhesive materials, you can not only stick, but also shield, absorb or ground and thus avoid interference or signal noise in communication devices.

The small yet powerful electronics lead to complex challenges in terms of high heat generation. Thermal management materials can be used to dissipate heat from hot components by combining low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity.

Adhesive tape can also help you with electrical insulation. Special tapes create a balance between electrical and mechanical properties and thus enable insulation within connectors or of, for example, battery packs and light panels.

Surface protection and masking

Tapes or foils offer you protection against scratches, damage, chipping, UV damage and dirt. They can be used permanently or only for the period from production to installation of the products. The masking tapes are also used for colour masking of laptops and tablets.



  • Bonding and sealing of panes and ventilation systems, displays or silicone keyboards
  • Bonding of printed circuit boards and LED's
  • Bonding of attachments
  • shock, sound and vibration damping
  • Shielding, heat management and insulation in electronics
  • Surface protection and masking (temporary and permanent)

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