Industrial Electronics

Industrial electronics

The field of industrial electronics is broadly diversified: from measurement and control technology, LED lighting and PCB assembly to the production of power tools or the automation of production technologies. But the challenges are usually similar. We offer you solutions for the diverse applications in industrial electronics.

Heat Management

Electronic devices are becoming smaller and smaller and at the same time more powerful – this puts a strain on the components and reduces their service life and performance. Thermal management materials can help prevent this and dissipate or absorb the heat generated.

Electrical Insulation

Electrical insulation is a fundamental task within the framework of industrial electronics production. Electrical insulation tapes ensure a balance between electrical and mechanical properties and are therefore essential for the insulation of electrical components.


To prevent them from affecting electrical devices or components, we use EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) materials. They reflect and absorb electromagnetic waves and protect sensitive electronic components.

Surface protection

Tapes and protective films offer protection from scratches and damage to sensitive surfaces such as LCDs and high-gloss coated metals and glass. This ensures that the products remain undamaged during production, packaging and shipping.




  • Bonding and sealing of displays or silicone keyboards
  • Production of membrane keyboards and front foils
  • Bonding of printed circuit boards and LED's
  • Bonding of components to printed circuit boards
  • Shielding, insulation and thermal management
  • Surface protection and masking (temporary and permanent)

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