Home appliances

Home appliances

Adhesive joints offer great advantages in the field of household appliances and are the alternative to screwing. Whether cooker, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, dryer or washing machine: adhesive tape not only provides a secure hold, but also ensures high flexibility and time savings.

Adhesive tape in household appliances

In contrast to screws, adhesive tape is invisible and thus creates great design freedom. Different materials and even uneven surfaces can be flexibly joined together. The use of self-adhesive materials in household electrical appliances saves weight and shortens the production process. Forget about small screws or long waits for the liquid adhesive to cure. We supply you with self-adhesive moulded parts that adapt to your application and ensure a fast joining process. In addition, these usually offer more than just fixing. Depending on the type of application of the adhesive tape, it can also seal or be shock-absorbing.


Protective films and transport protection

Whether surfaces, glass panes, displays, handles or doors – we manufacture the most diverse films for your product. Either temporary and residue-free to remove or permanent to protect frequently used areas from scratches and other damage. Even transport protection is no problem - we help you with adhesive tape cuts to ensure that the product arrives safely at the customer.


Smart Home

Many electronic devices in the household are equipped with intelligent functions – keyword "smart home". LCD and TFT screens are also found in ovens, refrigerators and washing machines. Special tapes are required here. Whether for transparent and wafer-thin bonding, insulation or heat dissipation in electronics – we are also your contact in this area.





  • Mounting of displays, operating elements, design panels, glass doors,
  • Trim strips, emblems, vacuum insulation panels, cooling pipes or small parts
  • Bonding of evaporators
  • Bumper bar fixation
  • Bonding of foil switches
  • Transport safety
  • Protective films
  • Heat dissipation
  • Insulation

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