Furniture making and building industry

Furniture making and building industry

Whether for windows, doors, facades or in furniture construction – connections in thes sectors must be highly resilient and adaptable. Self-adhesive materials offer you many advantages here. For example, they enable the levelling of irregular or uneven surfaces, are weather-resistant and seal at the same time.

The use of adhesive tape also gives you enormous freedom of design. Connect the most diverse materials in the most creative forms – screws will no longer disturb this picture. Even invisible solutions for fixing glass are possible. See for yourself, working with adhesive tape is clean, light, precise, fast and holds - in wind and weather.



  • Bonding of baseboards and decorative strips, glazing bars, glass and mirror elements
  • Surface protection
  • Sealing and damping protection
  • Hole cover
  • Back wall reinforcements
  • Fixation of decorative elements
  • Fastening of furniture panels
  • Bonding of floor coverings
  • Installation of decorative wall coverings and architectural elements

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