Electrification Sector

Adhesive tapes, EMC and thermal management products are used in a wide range of applications in the field of electrification. They perform various functions such as shielding antennas and electronic components, can conduct electricity and heat, provide insulation in transformers and electric motors and are ideal for fixing LEDs and components to printed circuit boards.


By using adhesive tapes, displays can be bonded thinner and more reliably. Positioning aids and gripping tabs also guarantee precise and fast assembly. In addition to the pure gluing of the display, optically clear adhesive tapes can be integrated to support it. They serve as splinter protection, prevent disturbing reflections and also improve readability


Thermal management, conducting and shielding

Electronic devices are becoming smaller and smaller, thus increasing the probability that the individual components or devices will influence each other. One consequence can be electrical or electromagnetic effects and interference (EMI). Our goal is to create electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). This means that there is no interference between the devices or components. For this purpose we use special EMC materials that reflect and absorb electromagnetic waves. A further problem is often the heat development in small housings. Here, thermal management pads and tapes can ensure that the heat is dissipated and the sensitive electronics are protected.


Light Blocking

The specific use or avoidance of penetrating light in the wrong places is an important issue, especially in the area of displays. Special tapes allow the light to shine through only in the desired area – without affecting other areas. Depending on the design, they can also be used to bond the covering glass plate and protect it from vehicle vibrations.


Protective films

Whether coloured, transparent, flame-retardant, extremely stretchable, with high temperature or UV resistance – we create individual and precisely fitting protective films to prevent damage to displays or high-quality materials, for example.



In the field of batteries, self-adhesive material can provide a double benefit. On the one hand, it ensures the fixing and connection of battery cells, modules or cooling plates. On the other hand, electrical insulation tapes (e.g. made of polyester) help to insulate the battery and thus prevent overvoltage. Sheaths can be used to protect the battery against the effects of intense heat – depending on the choice of adhesive tape, these can withstand extremely high temperatures. In this way the battery cell is not damaged and the heat is dissipated simultaneously.

In order to protect batteries not only from extreme heat but also from very low temperatures, foams are used for thermal insulation. At the same time, these foams ensure that the sensitive parts are stored without vibration and shock.




  • Electrical and thermal insulation/conduction
  • Mounting of LEDs and circuit boards
  • Applications in infotainment and driver assistance systems
    (control elements, displays, cameras, sensors, antennas ...)
  • Dust and waterproof bonding
  • Lightblocking

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