Commercial vehicles and special vehicles

Commercial vehicles and special vehicles

Bondings in commercial and special vehicles must withstand very high loads. Whether in trucks, trailers, agricultural vehicles or caravans and mobile homes: adhesive tape offers you many advantages. Shorter production time, fewer health and safety concerns, an optimized design through invisible bonding and enormous weight savings are just a few of them. Thanks to our many years of experience in the automotive sector, we know what is required in this area and can therefore fully support you with our know-how from material selection to assembly.

Trucks, trailers and bodies

Trucks, trailers and bodies have to withstand enormous forces, and this also applies to the individual components in their production process. The smallest decisions contribute to the performance of the vehicle and are of great importance. Whether bonding indoors or outdoors, there is the optimum material for every area, which we adapt exactly to your application. The use of adhesive tape shortens your process, saves weight, helps to compensate for tension and ensures secure fastening - no matter what the conditions.


Agriculture and construction vehicles

In tractors, excavators and other agricultural and construction vehicles, adhesive tape is the optimal alternative to mechanical fastening methods. They save weight, gain time in the process, balance tensions effortlessly, ensure secure mounting of attachments, protect surfaces and increase safety with anti-slip tape at tricky points in the vehicle. The possible applications are manifold! Together with you, we look at the problem to be solved and develop an individual solution based on this - from the selection of materials to the assembly.


Caravans and mobile homes

Due to the flexibility of the adhesive tape it can be used in many areas – even in caravans and mobile homes. Here, it is exposed to high weathering loads and temperature differences and still convinces with first-class adhesive strength. In addition, it offers enormous design freedom and a considerable weight saving. Easily attach attachments such as strips, sockets or mirrors or protect sensitive areas. The surface protection can be used permanently, for example to protect against stone chipping or scratches or. Temporary surface protection, on the other hand, ensures that your product reaches your customer without damage. Temporary covers are also used in process steps such as powder coating or painting. These can of course be removed without leaving any residue.



  • Attachment of attachments such as rails or emblems
  • Surface protection (temporary/permanent)
  • Paint masking tape
  • Floor bonding
  • Roof bonding and sealing
  • Anti-slip adhesive tape
  • Profile Bonding
  • Markings
  • noise and vibration damping
  • Cable Management
  • Hole cover
  • Insulation protection

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