Automotive Sector

In hardly any other market segment is the use of self-adhesive materials as widespread as in the automotive industry. The advantages are obvious: Adhesive tape compensates for tension, can be applied quickly and cleanly, saves weight, is corrosion-resistant and allows design freedom like no other bonding method.

Attachment parts in the interior and exterior area

Adhesive tape offers many advantages when fixing mouldings, emblems or decorative elements. It adapts invisibly to the dynamic shapes of the vehicle, is corrosion resistant, lightweight, compensates for tension and holds on many substrates. Even strong temperature differences, UV radiation and other weather conditions are no problem - the adhesive tape holds.

In addition, by using adhesive moulded parts, you kill several birds with one stone. An example: When manually mounting attachments between other vehicle components, different forces are exerted each time, so that one part is never installed exactly like the other. In the worst case, this later leads to rattling and creaking noises while driving and you can see into small gaps between the parts. If you use the right adhesive tape, it will even out the differences. Noises are avoided and it ensures that small gaps are completely darkened.

Bonding and sealing

In many areas of application, the adhesive tape not only provides a fastening but also serves as a seal. To protect highly sensitive electronic components, for example, we either use special adhesive tape or make foams self-adhesive. Both fit perfectly and seal gaps. Dust, dirt and moisture cannot penetrate and at the same time the sensitive technology is stored in a cushioned manner and protected from impact.

Protective films - temporary or permanent

In order not to damage parts during packaging or assembly, surface protection is indispensable in the automotive sector. Temporary applications provide protection during transport, assembly or masking during painting, for example. The targeted use of different colors is often used here to avoid mix-ups of components or to indicate sensitive areas of a device. Permanent films, on the other hand, are used on door edges or bumpers, for example. Here we process materials that are particularly UV-resistant, climate-stable and therefore very durable.


  • Fastening of attachments for interior and exterior use
    (trims, emblems, decorations, plastic attachments)
  • Masks
  • Protective films for indoor and outdoor use
  • Cable fastening and cable set winding
  • Seals and insulation
  • Light blocking and noise minimization

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