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Wether automotive, electronic or industry – From years of experience we know what is required in these branches – so you can completely rely on us. We are your SPECIALIST

Fixing, sealing, conducting, insulation, protecting - the respective purpose of use and the special requirements of the tape decide which adhesive tape is appropriate for your project. And the question whether we laser, cut, laminate, plot or punch in further processing is always a decision on a by-case-basis. Commercially available bulk commodities cannot meet these different demands on an adhesive tape. INNO TAPE is your competent project partner independent from the manufacturer - from the very first idea via the component design and prototyping to series delivery and assembly service. 


»We are not one for everything, we are a specialist.«


The use of self-adhesive materials is hardly more common in any other market segment than in the automobile one. One reason is the advantage of bonded connections compared with other joining technologies so that mechanical stress can be excluded almost completely in view of the residual elasticity of the bonding point. Another advantage of bonding is the uniform distribution of forces in case of plastic deformation of the components (e.g. due to an accident). We are glad that several famous automobile manufacturers have trust in us and we are able to support large model series often from the very first idea.

Application examples

  • fixing of attachement parts in the in- and exterior sector 
  • temporary (temperature-resistant) maskings
  • protective films in the in- and exterior sector
  • cable fastening and cable set winding 
  • seals and insulation
  • lightblocking und noise reduction


In the electrical and electronic fields many adhesive tapes, EMC and thermal management products are used in a diversified way. They have different functions as screening of antennas and electronic components; they provide for electrical and thermal conductivity, they insulate in transformers and electric motors and excellently fix LEDs and components on circuit boards. They provide for the heat management, i.e. the control and heat dissipation, of components and radiators as well and bond the covering when pouring engines and components.

Application examples

  • electrical and thermal insulation or rather conduction
  • mounting of LEDs and circuit boards
  • infotainment and driver assist systems
    (div. applications: control elements,
    displays, cameras, sensors, antennas … 
  • dust and waterproof bonding
  • lightblocking


Nowadays the bonding process replaces many traditional joining procedures in the industrial manufacturing such as welding, screwing, riveting and clamping. Not only is packaging glued or books bound. Above all, the possibility to save material and weight by using tape is highly appreciated in several industrial manufacturing processes. Our partners from industry appreciate our short delivery times and flexibility in view of the purchase quantities.

Application examples

  • surface protection
  • metal/plastic bonding in the advertising industry
  • bonding of strips and profiles in furniture construction
  • manufacture of plastic foil keyboard and front foils
  • fixation of flush levers in the sanitary area
  • glass bonding

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