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INNO TAPE - A market leader for self-adhesive vendor parts

What started in 2006 with three persons and a lot of pioneering spirit and is continued today with meanwhile more than 100 employees, will go on also in the future: the wish for a healthy growth of the number of employees and competences and the effort for a company policy with flat hierarchies and cohesion on all levels. This is the only way for a continuous improvement of products and processes and our declared objective is not only to satisfy the expectations of our customers but to exceed them.

»The one who wishes self-actualisation is right here at INNO TAPE.«

Visions and Values

  • We are aware of our responsibility to the environment, our employees and third parties. Environmental protection and industrial safety are an important part of our company policy.
  • We define »environmental protection and industrial safety« as »meeting legal, social and our own  requirements« in our direct and indirect surroundings.
  • All activities of employees and their work results must comply with the legal provisions and make it possible to continuously improve the operational environmental protection, the industrial safety and  the protection of health.
  • It is our intention to minimise the burden on the environment and to increase occupational health and safety when planning our operation processes and developing our systems and products by applying the best technology available.
  • In all our activities we focus on an economical use of raw materials, the protection of resources and the avoidance and reduction of waste.
  • The purpose of INNO TAPE's quality policy is a high customer satisfaction on the same level as all the other corporate objectives.
  • We orient our products and services to the quality requirements and expectations of our customers. It is our objective to exceed them.
  • Management and employees of the company are committed to a continuous improvement of products and processes, to observe and adhere to technical and commercial rules, regulations and laws.
  • We want to qualify and motivate all of our employees so that they act of their own accord, always being aware of quality, environmental protection and work safety. Our objective is the development and manufacture of high-quality products and the provision of services which meet the requirements in terms of profitability, safety and environmental compatibility.
  • The quality of our products and services originates from personal conviction. Every employee in the company contributes to quality assurance and quality improvement.
  • It is the task of the executives to create an atmosphere that inspires and facilitates improvements. An exemplary behaviour underlines the credibility of our plans . We achieve our targets by team spirit, competence and involvement of all employees.
  • We assume responsibility for future generations and are committed to a sustainable economic, ecologic and social development in all relevant areas!
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