Interview with Thomas Weiser

How did you come to adhesive tapes?

That‘s a curios story – I was only 14. A friend‘s father had  a company that processed adhesive tape. I worked there during the holidays. Well, what shall I say to this? I stayed stuck.

This was the beginning of „Thomas Weiser and the adhesive tape“. 

I also trained in this branche as management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade. My interest was always the processing of adhesive tapes but never the reselling. And I remained true with adhesive tapes: I worked in diffenrent companies and I knew that I want continue working in this branche. So I acquired knowledge in leadership and management.

Why does INNO TAPE exist?

That‘s simple. Before I founded INNO TAPE I worked as a head of sales for a trading company. This company did both: It traded with tapes and also processed it. In my opinion this can not work. One employee can not sell simple strech foil in the morning on the one hand and on the other hand develop complex solutions with technical engineers of the automotive branche in the afternoon. This branche is too special.

This was the hour of birth of my idea: a company that is focussed on these special markets and which is able to develop and produce complex solutions. The result is INNO TAPE.

What makes you and INNO TAPE so special?

I am not imporant. I am the founder and certainly the driver – I like what I do but I do not take myself that important. What counts is the company and above all the people who work here. They make INNO TAPE that individual, authentic and especially that unique. Furthermore we are not at the end with our work – there is still so much more possible. That makes our job so special and exciting.

What is most important to you?

I want to be seen as an interesting, innovative, reliable and sustainable partner, supplier and employer. That is really important for me. In my point of view all these points I mentioned are necessary to work successfully together in this time of rapid change we live in.