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Bonding in the industry

Nowadays the bonding process replaces many traditional joining procedures in the industrial manufacturing such as welding, screwing, riveting and clamping. Not only is packaging glued or books bound. Above all, the possibility to save material and weight by using tape is highly appreciated in several industrial manufacturing processes. Our partners from industry appreciate our short delivery times and flexibility in view of the purchase quantities. We would be glad to take over your product.  Contact us!

»Many customers have tight schedules - and here we show our strength in quick responsiveness and punctuality.«

Examples of use

  • Glass bonding:
    e.g. temperature controllers and screens
  • Bonding of touch sensors at towel holders
  • Fixation of flush levers in the sanitary area
  • Metal / plastic bonding in the advertising industry
  • Protection of sensitive surfaces
  • Bonding of strips and profiles in furniture construction
  • Manufacture of plastic foil keyboard and front foils
  • and much more
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