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Adhesive tapes in the electrical industry

In the electrical and electronic fields many adhesive tapes, EMC and thermal management products are used in a diversified way. They have different functions as screening of antennas and electronic components; they provide for electrical and thermal conductivity, they insulate in transformers and electric motors and excellently fix LEDs and components on circuit boards. They provide for the heat management, i.e. the control and heat dissipation, of components and radiators as well and bond the covering when pouring engines and components.

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Examples of use

  • Opaque masking tapes for display and casing applications
  • Single or double-sided, electroconductive adhesive tapes to fix and contact connections
  • EMC screening and absorbers to protect against interferences and signals of other electrical components (adhesive / not adhesive / special laminates)
  • Thermally conductible adhesive tapes and pads for fixation, compensation of gaps and quick heat dissipation of components (silicone free versions)
  • Covering of PCBs with additional residue-free removal after treatment in the reflow process
  • Insulation foils for battery and motor applications (adhesive / not adhesive)
  • Seals for electronic purposes as protection against dust, humidity and as sound insulation
  • and much more
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