Our bonds are strong.

The automobile industry relies on INNO TAPE

The use of self-adhesive materials is hardly more common in any other market segment than in the automobile one. One reason is the advantage of bonded connections compared with other joining technologies so that mechanical stress can be excluded almost completely in view of the residual elasticity of the bonding point. Another advantage of bonding is the uniform distribution of forces in case of plastic deformation of the components (e.g. due to an accident). We are glad that several famous automobile manufacturers have trust in us and we are able to support large model series often from the very first idea.

»The customers appreciate our reliability and the knowledge that INNO TAPE supplies first-class products.«

Examples of use

  • Roof: antenna, roof rails, roof edge seals, sunroof frames, sunroof sealing
  • Tail: spoiler, emblems, chrome attachments, taillight/headlight seals, sensors/bumper reinforcements
  • Front: bonnet seals, number plate, radiator grille, chrome attachments, headlight cleaning system
  • Sides: wheel-arch enlargement, lateral strips, longitudinal strips, longitudinal chassis beam, sillboard
  • Doors: A-, B-, C-pillar seals & trim, door seals, internal door seals, door mirror, door sill panel, insert for door sill panel, door end profile
  • Glass: windscreen frame, antenna amplifier/electronic units, radiator tank profile, rain & light sensors
  • Electronic systems: battery insulation, heat management, LED fixation, light management
  • and much more

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Jan Ixfeld

Jan Ixfeld

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Matthias Wilke

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