INNO TAPE Our guiding priciple

Our guiding priciple

Our guiding principle consists of our vision, our mission and our values. We live it externally and internallyIt forms the foundation of our acting and functions as a basis for a trustful cooporation. 


A market leader for the processing of self-bonding vendor parts.



We are a reliable partner to you - whether as customer, partner, supplier or as our employee. As converting company we know all possibilities that self-bonding materials offer and find the right solution for your purpose of use. We are specialised in the automotive, electrification sector and industry; this is our home.

Our work is characterised by thinking outside the box. In our company, "breaking new grounds" is simply part of it; that is what INNO TAPE really is. And this is only possible with reliance on the material and above all trust in our employees. This is our most important value and we live this trust throughout the company - to the inside and the outside. Flat hierarchies and our uncomplicated and quick way of communicating provide for a familiar and pleasant interaction and cooperation at INNO TAPE. Be assured: Our bonds are strong.



The way we address all topics - from labour issues to personal issues - namely openly, directly and precisely - provides for a trustful relationship and cooperation. We prohibit actively any talking about each other or behind the back of other persons.


We adhere to arrangements and agreements and implement them reliably and bindingly. Hereto belongs the compliance with deadlines as a matter-of-course, but also self-discipline when structuring the own area of responsibility.


We treat our employees the way we wish to be treated by superiors. For us, this means to act honestly and loyally, to make reliable and binding statements and to live and promote an open and fair dealing with each other.


For us motivation is a management task. In return, we respect the individuality of our employees and want to consider their needs correspondingly. We promote the self-realisation and personal development by praising and honouring successful work and consistently involving the employees in the decision-making processes.


We strengthen the identity of the employees and the loyalty to the company by imparting multidisciplinary basic knowledge on INNO TAPE's product portfolio and the technical production possibilities of our company.


We trust that our employees assume their responsibility and complete their tasks independently, proactively and with commitment. Therefore we waive any unnecessary supervision and principally assume the goodwill of the employees. Thanks to a clear and comprehensible definition of the tasks as well as binding agreements we lay the foundation for the autonomy and the individual initiative of our employees.