INNO TAPE - Corporate policy

Corporate policy

1. We are aware of our responsibility for the environment, our employees and third parties. Environmental protection and occupational health and safety are important aspects of our corporate policy.

2. We define environmental protection and occupational health and safety as "compliance with legal, social and own requirements in our direct and indirect environment".

3. All activities of the employees and their work results must meet the legal provisions and must facilitate a continuous improvement of the operational environmental protection as well as the occupational health and safety.

4. We strive for a minimisation of the environmental pollution and an increase of occupational safety already when planning our operational processes and developing our systems and products with the best available technology.

5. The focus for all activities is on an economical use of raw materials, the conservation of resources and the avoidance and reduction of waste.

6. For the improvement of the air quality we engage ourselves for a CO² neutrality of our enterprise.

7. INNO TAPE's quality policy aims at a high customer satisfaction and has the same importance as other corporate objectives.  

8. We align our products and services to the quality requirements and expectations of our customers. It is our objective to exceed them.

9. Management and employees are committed to improve the products and processes continuously and to observe and adhere to technical and commercial rules, regulations and laws.

10. It is our intention to qualify and motivate all employees so that they act of their own accord taking into consideration all aspects of quality, environmental protection and occupational safety and health. The development and manufacture of high-quality products and the provision of services that meet the requirements of economic efficiency, safety and environmental compatibility at the same time are our objective.

11. The quality of our products and services originates from personal conviction. Every individual employee in the company contributes to quality assurance and quality improvement.

12. It is the duty of the executives to create an atmosphere which stimulates improvements and makes them possible. An exemplary behaviour underlines the credibility of our projects. We will achieve our objectives by team spirit, competence and involvement of all employees.

13. We assume responsibility to future generations and are committed to a sustainable development in all relevant areas - economically, ecologically and socially!