10 reasons for using adhesive tape

10 reasons for using adhesive tape

Tape can do more than most people think. The biggest fear: Will it hold? Our very simple answer: Yes, if it is the right tape! We have more than 14 years of experience in the processing of adhesive tape and know exactly what to do. You want to save weight, shorten your process or simply need an invisible but secure connection between two components? Then you should take a closer look at the possible applications of adhesive tape. Whether it is "only" to fasten or also to seal, conduct, protect or shield – we find the right material and bring it into the required form for your application.

1. Less costs

The use of self-adhesive materials speeds up the joining process enormously. Pre- and post-processing are reduced or no longer necessary. In contrast to liquid adhesives, neither curing nor subsequent cleaning is necessary.


2. Secure hold

So-called high-performance adhesive tapes still hold up at -40 or +150°C or even under water, are difficult to ignite, and can even withstand earthquakes. tesa has published a video on this subject in which facade elements in which thermal glass was bonded in an aluminium frame were shaken in an earthquake simulation - the tape held up


3. Heat dissipation, EMC and insulation

Electronic components get smaller – but the power increases. This generates more heat and can lead to malfunctions. With the help of the right adhesive tape, heat can be dissipated or absorbed and interference avoided. It is also possible to insulate generators, coils, transformers and cables.


4. Sealing and insulating

Many adhesive tapes have an excellent sealing function against moisture and dirt and are resistant to thermal and chemical influences. Due to the gapless bond, the adhesive tape also has an insulating effect. Vibrations are reduced and rattling or creaking noises are avoided.


5. Level out unevenness

Slight unevenness or rough surfaces are no problem for the right adhesive tape – it fills small gaps, the components are joined flush with each other and there are no restoring forces.


6. Minimised risk of corrosion

Since no holes are required for fastening components, the classic attack surfaces for corrosion are reduced in the construction. The result is long-lasting and clean connections.


7. Stress distribution

Unlike point loading with mechanical fasteners, bonding distributes any stresses over the entire surface of the joint. The materials can thus be designed thinner and thus enable savings.


8. Connect materials

Through material combinations, adhesive tape enables e.g. the connection of components with different surface tensions. This means, for example, that different thermal expansion behaviour can also be compensated for without any problems.


9. Lightweight construction

A decisive factor for the entire construction: when using adhesive joints, you reduce the weight and thus save costs! Adhesive bonding is THE alternative for lightweight constructions.


10. Individual designs

Unsightly screws and rivets belong to the past – adhesive joints enable an invisible connection and thus offer you an enormously high degree of design freedom.


Our Services

Our Services

From material selection and consulting to individual bonding and construction solutions, rapid prototyping and automated application solutions.

Our branches

Our branches

Whatever industry you are in, we promise you The use of adhesive tape can give you the decisive advantage.

Examples of our work

Examples of our work

INNO TAPE creates individual adhesive bonds that last. Here you can see a few examples of our work.

What does a converter do?

As a converter – i.e. further processors – we initially receive adhesive tape on oversized rolls. Our job is to turn this into individual self-adhesive parts, so-called moulded parts. These are individually adapted to their respective use, and each decision fulfils a specific function in your application: from the material or combination of materials, to the selection of masking tapes (liners), to recesses, peel-off aids and final delivery on rolls, sheets or as individual parts.

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